Following the tradition of andalusian restaurants from yesteryear, the Rincon del Hortelano situated in the village of La Joya, a few minutes drive from the hotel, offers us the best dishes and tapas using local produce, typical of the regional gastronomy. There you will discover fantastic andalusian flavours.


Apart from enjoying andalusian gastronomy while choosing from a wide range of tapas, snacks and full portions, at the weekends the chef offers his clients delicious meats from the grill.


The personalised treatment and good atmosphere make this restaurant the ideal location for a romantic dinner for two or for a night out with friends or family, ensuring a great quality meal especially with regard to value for money.


If you are interested in celebrating a lunch or a dinner as a group, or a birthday party or any such event, in the Rincon del Hortelano you will find various areas in which you can stage the event, given that, apart from the main dining room, they also have a private room. In summer you can eat al fresco on their spacious terrace in the company of family or friends.



It comes from animals raised extensively in the surroundings of the mountain range located to the north of the province of Malaga, of which El Torcal, Camarolos or Huma are identifying marks.

We guarantee a select breeding of native breeds or first crossing, of which the Pajuna breed in cattle, the Iberian in pigs, Lojeña in sheep or Malaga in goats makes us feel proud of a traditional heritage that we want to preserve.

We contribute to the maintenance of a millenary landscape and customs, as well as wild and domestic biodiversity, including our native breeds and wild flora and fauna. Natural grasslands are complex ecosystems that support high levels of botanical and zoological richness.

Enjoy these landscapes, these traditions and the products that we put at your disposal in the south of Torcal.


Open from Wednesday to Sunday
Opening hours are:


Breakfast: 9:00am - 12:30pm

Lunch: 13:30pm – 16:00pm
Dinner: 19:30pm – 24:00pm


You are kindly requested to reserve in advance.
You can do so by calling us at:


952 755 095

+34 670 467 210

C/  Andalucía, 12 La Joya,

Antequera 29260